We’re a Government Property Agency supplier!

Published: December 13, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce that the Government Property Agency (GPA) has awarded Southernsbroadstock a place on a multi-supplier solution. 

Southernsbroadstock is now a GPA partner for the supply, delivery and installation of both task and loose furniture from the CCS Supply, Delivery and Installation of Furniture and Associated Services Framework (RM6119) Lot 8 – Hubs Furniture. 

As GPA looks to refurbish its estate, Southernsbroadstock will be on hand to work collaboratively with other suppliers, GPA and its clients to provide the right solution.

Our broad experience within the public sector means we specialise in creating innovative layouts and designing workspaces that can encompass hybrid working and inclusive design. We will also assist  GPA in achieving their sustainability targets through our mindfully designed and sourced products. 

Southernsbroadstock’s expertise and manufacturing capabilities make us the ideal business partner for every department and organisation, guaranteeing projects that are always on time and on budget.