Our unrivalled experience in this area means we specialise in creating innovative layouts and designing workspaces that reflect the way you work.

Social Areas.

With an expansive selection of stools, armchairs, tables and more, we can make truly unique breakout spaces that inspire and motivate your people. Our in-house specialists will design concepts that make social areas feel warm and welcoming.

Onsite Cafes.

Extra facilities like onsite cafes can improve workplace satisfaction and provide a vibrant hub of activity. Whatever equipment you need, we can source and install it so that service areas are delivered within your project timeframe.

Work Stations.

Catering to individual needs is where we excel and we develop workstations to meet the requirements of every team and department. Adjustable desks, storage, and a wide variety of seating options allow each area to be tailored exactly as you like.

Meeting Rooms.

The most important decisions are made in your meeting rooms and our design team has the expertise to give them the prestige they deserve. We can assist with every aspect of your project, from initial layout ideas to installation, creating meeting areas that are stylish and functional.

Office Layouts.

By analysing your interiors we can visualise office layouts that perfectly complement the way your people work, with a bespoke configuration of open-plan desk areas, meeting hubs, quiet spaces for concentration and private conference rooms.

The New Workspace.

As flexible working continues toward mainstream adoption, providing staff with the right equipment is becoming increasingly important. We offer chairs, desks and equipment that allow staff to remain productive as they work from home.

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