SouthernsBroadstock are leading furniture, fixtures and equipment manufacturers and supply specialists. The Company consists of multiple offices operating under a central structure of Compliance and Governance to which this Policy applies. 

 The Company recognises that its operations may have a direct impact on the natural and built environment and has made environmental management an integral part of the management of the Company. 

The purpose of this Policy is to outline the management direction and support for environmental management in  The purpose of this Policy is to outline the management direction and support for environmental management in accordance with business requirements and relevant laws and regulations. This Policy is applicable to all the Company and its employees and contractors working for or on behalf of the Company. It is also made available upon request to all interested parties such as clients, investors and suppliers. 

The Company commits, through our Environmental Policy to:

Prevent environmental harm or pollution

Promote recycling and the use of recycled materials

Ensure emissions to the atmosphere are minimised

Fulfil our compliance obligations

Ensure that environmental issues are considered in planning and managing of our operations to be environmentally efficient

Minimise environmental impact on the local community and environment

Protect the environment and prevent pollution, reducing waste and the consumption of natural resources

Comply with the requirements of the environmental management system and continually improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System

Provide the necessary training and support to our staff to ensure that they can fulfil these commitments

This Policy is reviewed to ensure its ongoing suitability by the Executive Leadership Team who recommend amendments and updates to the Policy as part of the continual service improvement process. 

This Policy provides a framework for the Environmental Objectives which have been defined within the IMS Objectives Tracker by the Executive Leadership Team. These objectives support the continual improvement of the IMS and measurement of its effectiveness. Progress in relation to the performance against the Environmental objectives is reviewed regularly by the leadership team as part of the Management Review Meetings. 

This Policy is communicated to all person(s) working for or on behalf of the Company, as part of induction training, is available to all employees via the IMS and is displayed in each office location to continually remind employees of the Company’s commitment to the environment. 


Name: Ashley Hayward
Title:    Managing Director FF&E
Date:   May 2021