Our partner, Orangebox.

Published: April 12, 2024

Working closely with likeminded organisations and suppliers provides great satisfaction, but also allows us to deliver an exceptional service to our customers. Our years of experience in the world of furniture, fixtures & equipment is strengthened by partners such as Orangebox and the innovative and design-led workspaces we are able to create collaboratively.

Orangebox are a pioneering organisation in the world of workspace design. Their Campers and Dens products are a leading design with the ability to ‘intuitively define’ spaces for work and concentration.

On the outside they appear as pods. Upon further examination, this unique system can be moved and repositioned to suit an organisation’s ever-changing needs. Unrivalled adaptability and an adjustable design are perfectly matched to today’s fast-paced and fast-evolving working environment in which spaces have multiple purposes and quick turnarounds.

Campers and Dens certainly provide privacy, but alongside a beautiful interior design that can be customised in terms of fabric and finishes to suit each individual requirement. Better yet, each ‘pod’ can easily be integrated with technologies, whiteboards and other creative aids to support long-term productivity. You can find out more on the Orangebox website.

The Woods mobile planters are another wonderfully innovative product from Orangebox, and one that energises a workplace and makes people feel more alive. Planters are designed to make spaces feel more a more engaging and stimulating and despite being a simple product, they have a big impact on environments. Biophilia should also be a considered element of design, and Woods planets support this. As humans, we are naturally drawn to plants and the healthy oxygen they provide. It’s just one way to boost morale and productivity in work environments. Discover the details of this product online.

What is ‘re-made’?

Sustainability is high up on Orangebox’s agenda. Their ‘re-made’ service is their commitment to providing their customers with an eco-friendly solution and support them to reduce their impact on their environment.

The Orangebox ‘re-made’ service supports organisations to make the most of the resources they already own instead of purchasing furniture 100% new. It’s designed to give a new lease of life to furniture that may have come to the end of their current use, and instead remodelled and repurposed with a greatly reduced carbon footprint.

Our work

Southernsbroadstock have worked closely with Orangebox on many occasions over the years. To highlight one successful project, Manchester-based University Academy 92 (UA92) had a mission to make higher education accessible to all through its founding principles of accessibility, social mobility and inclusivity. Collaboratively, we were able to design and create breakout furniture that resulted in a warm, communal feel for both staff and students to enjoy whether it be for work or relaxation. Multi-use furniture was used to create an adaptable environment that can be arranged to suit the customer.

As two innovative and design-led organisations, both Orangebox and our team of furniture experts were proud to implement a smart, convenient, and versatile space where students can thrive and feel genuinely connected to the space.

Get in touch

The strength of our relationships with our partners is a huge benefit to our customers. It allows us to present them with multiple options and offer various solutions that provide the most suitable outcome. From conducting thorough consultations to matching innovative products to the brief, Southernsbroadstock can support organisations from all sectors (HE, public, private and more) to bring their spaces to life.

To learn more about the Southernsbroadstock and Orangebox partnership or how we can support you as an organisation, contact our team today on info@southernsbroadstock.co.uk or 01204 691008.