Our Sustainability Pledge – Our Continuing Journey

We recognise that the journey to greater sustainability, and ultimately regeneration, is one of continuous improvement, learning, and development. Our sustainability plan is focused on enhancing the lives of our team, customers, and the communities we serve and embracing the imperative need to reduce our impact on the planet.

Sustainability Pledge – Our Continuing Journey UPDATE

Our Lifecycle Management Services

We have expanded our portfolio of furniture lifecycle management services to offer a national infrastructure to enable our customers to maximise the potential of their furniture assets. From product assessments and asset auditing through to reuse, repairs, renovation, repurposing, and recycling, we can contribute to customers’ sustainability targets and ambitions.

Lifecycle Management Services

Sustainability Services.

Our commitments to greater sustainability include a range of services designed to support our customers’ own efforts towards a socially responsible and Net Zero future.

Assessments of product proposals and social value contributions are needed at the start of any project. The environmental impact of furniture is directly linked to a product’s design, materiality, and future traceability so we work with customers to develop solutions to meet their own specific targets and ambitions. These are also supported by tangible reporting metrics.

Throughout all stages of a project, our services – from product assessments and asset audits through to repairs, renovation and remanufacturing as well as identifying future reuse opportunities – are designed to underpin our collective responsibility for improved wellbeing for both people and planet.

The minimisation and management of waste are key metrics. Driven by the principles of greater circularity, we actively research new initiatives to value our resources and position people and the planet at the centre of our business.

Having committed to the goal of net zero emissions, we diligently measure our impact. Investments have already included solar power generation and biomass heating for our factory as well as a roll-out programme for electric and energy efficient vehicles. Our product design teams review materiality to reduce carbon content and, importantly, techniques to maximise lifecycle through reuse, remanufacturing and recycling.

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Our Sustainability Pledge – our continuing journey

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