Welcome to Wingates: our exciting new offices.

Published: July 29, 2022

Southernsbroadstock has moved! We are now located at our new Wingates site in Bolton, which offers a more collaborative premises for all our departments. 

Our business has seen tremendous growth in recent years, but with more expansion comes the need for more space. We needed a new location that was fit for purpose. A place that reflected our values as a leader in design for interiors. One that enhanced wellbeing and creativity, while removing boundaries to facilitate communication.

The Wingates site provided everything we required and more, catering to the needs of our staff effectively with inclusive and diverse environments. We expanded communicative opportunities between colleagues, with options of group, individual, sophisticated, and relaxed workspaces. Including the provision of soundproof booths for private calls. Different departments are now interconnected by working within a cohesive workplace environment. With Logistics, Customer Services, Finance, IT and our Directors all sharing the space, our teams benefit from frequent opportunities for departmental collaboration and growth.

These new premises have given us far more scope for creative vibrant interiors. The new site offers an increased amount of natural light to boost mood. With biophilic interiors bringing greenery into the space, oxygenating interiors and creating a relaxing atmosphere. Wingates has allowed us to create the entire space as a showroom and we’re excited to show and invite customers and supply partners to see its inspiring new layout.Wingates has a fresh feel that our teams are readily embracing. In future, we look forward to bringing our largest site, Macclesfield, to the same impressive standard.