Website Update.

Published: February 8, 2023

As part of our drive for continuous improvement, we have updated our Sustainability and Social Values pages to reflect our targeted, output driven management plans.

We continue to make significant strides in our goal to enhance the wellbeing of our communities and environments. Built around the Social Value Model and Sustainable Development Goals, our strategy incorporates actions and initiatives designed to make a tangible impact. Examples include our partnership with the Living Wage Foundation, as well as learning and skills development programmes within our own teams, future talent, and within the wider community. Our support for local and national charities is also integral to our approach.

As part of our commitment to net zero emissions, we have developed a robust carbon measurement and reduction plan. This includes investments in renewable power as well as the rollout of our electric and energy-efficient vehicle fleet.  Our design teams focus on our product portfolio to assess product materiality, recycled content, packaging, and opportunities to maximise lifecycle. Our reuse and recycling services further support our ambitions. Working collaboratively with our customers, we contribute to their own sustainability objectives.

More in-depth information, including our Sustainability Pledge, is available on our updated website pages: