Jamie Peacock ‘Building Champions’ at Southerns

Published: June 15, 2017

Former Leeds Rhinos and Great Britain captain, Jamie Peacock has been working with Southerns members of staff to bring his elite, winning mind set to the business arena.

While many sportsmen go into coaching or punditry following an illustrious career, Jamie has established his ‘Building Champions’ course to show how the skills he applied during his playing career can be transferred to the professional sphere. We’re delighted to have him working through the 6 month programme with three members of staff.

Jamie’s course begins with an introductory group session and then progresses to biweekly one to one meetings in which he responds to personal challenges, monitors progress and sets goals specific to the individual in an exercise booklet. The sessions offer an alternative to inspirational speaking by operating in situ, offering real applicable advice to create habits and leave a legacy.

Jamie said “Achieving success and operating at the very top requires transferable skills, no matter what the field is. Andy Kendall-Jones understands the link between sport and business; there’ll always be competition, you always want to perform to your best and success is always down to the quality of the team.

“My course works through 11 fundamental lessons, which I tailor to the individual that I’m working with, but my top tips are always to be hardworking, understand human interactions, and have a sense of humour.”

Jamie is currently working with Lizzie Kirby, Will Caldwell, and Jason Spence and is in line to begin another 6 month course with three different employees once the current sessions have finished.

Andy Kendall-Jones said “We’re thrilled to be working with Jamie. I’m a big sports fan and firmly believe in the benefits of a winning mentality. At Southerns, we’re always looking to invest in our staff and promote internal growth so this course is ideal. It’s also great to see the boost to staff moral that comes with having such a close association with a local legend.”