Introducing Mustard Tree, our charity partner

Published: June 30, 2023

Mustard Tree ( are a northwest based charity that combat and prevent poverty, inequality and homelessness across Greater Manchester, and we will be supporting them as a corporate partner and championing their great cause over the coming months.

How can we help support Mustard Tree?

Mustard Tree offer a variety of support to our local community, including onsite food banks, community shops providing clothing and furniture, and training and experiences to help people into the workplace. All their efforts are focused around their 5 core beliefs:

  • Belief in people – Empowering people and communities to empower themselves.
  • Dignity for all – Culture of kindness, respect and compassion where everyone is welcome.
  • Opportunity – Progress and development is at the heart of everything they do.
  • Diversity – Embracing the differences and valuing the contribution of all.
  • Partnership – Working together to build strong relationships based on mutual trust.

We believe this is a cause that we can really be impactful with, and throughout the year there will be various ways for us to support Mustard Tree, including:

  • Raising awareness – for users and supporters of Mustard Tree.
  • Donations – our time, resources, furniture, financial and fundraising activities. 
  • Volunteering – on site at Mustard Tree.
  • Supporting the Freedom Project – academic and creative classes, work experience, site tours and interview experience. 

By focusing our efforts on this dedicated cause, we believe we can make a real difference through a genuine and meaningful relationship.

You can follow the Mustard Tree on Instagram by clicking the following link:

This video below shows the difference Mustard Tree are making in our community.