International Day of Persons With Disabilities.

Published: December 2, 2022

The 3rd December marks the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD), a day aiming to highlight and support the needs of persons with disabilities worldwide. 

This year focuses on innovation and transformative solutions for inclusivity. Working from home became standard practice for many individuals during the pandemic, giving them the unique opportunity to develop a working environment tailored to their own personal needs. As we continue to strive to find our new normal, organisations across all sectors are having to reassess whether their environments could be doing more to welcome people back to the office.

Inclusivity is about providing a level playing field for all people, regardless of their situation, and this can be achieved through adopting, an inclusive design strategy supported by innovative technology. Substantial results can be achieved through mindful interior design and FF&E specification. For example, height adjustable desks provide flexibility and cater for a number of requirements.. The addition of booths and pods can empower neurodivergent individuals to choose a setting that allows them to unlock their strengths, and flexible furniture, with ample adjustment, can create comfortable places to work for various body types and abilities, without creating stigma. 

The core message for 2022’s IDPD is that more can be done to mainstream solutions within the workplace and education. With so many solutions readily available, it is a conversation well worth having. Catering for inclusivity should not be seen as a ‘specialist consideration’, it’s time for it to become a matter of best practice. 

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