Developing our staff with the Jamie Peacock mentoring scheme

Published: April 16, 2021

When it comes to the success of our company, helping our people be their best is a top priority. Encouraging our staff to develop improves communication, increases leadership skills and also assists with problem-solving. As part of our drive to invest in our people at Southernsbroadstock, we decided to put in place a mentoring scheme with 9-time Super League winner, Jamie Peacock MBE, and the results have been impressive.

How does the scheme work?

The Building Champions Mentoring Programme was developed by Jamie with the aim to help others build habits for success. The scheme uses a mix of one-to-one coaching and group work to identify what makes a good leader and outline personal strengths and weaknesses. Using his own life experience and personal philosophies, he works alongside staff to create an enduring positive effect on how they work.

What were the results for our staff?

The effect on our people has been overwhelmingly positive. All of the participants improved their ability to set achievable goals and assess how they would benefit the company. Here’s what they had to say:

“…having Jamie Peacock as your mentor is a great motivation within itself. Task and activity driven, I was able to list out my strengths and weakness agreed with Jamie and mainly develop the weakness through discussion and activities.”

“Benefits have been that I reflected on how I was working previously and how making small changes could attribute to big impacts on the way I work and the quality of my work.”

The process was great for me, I think sometimes you become a bit stagnant, and it gave me a fresh way of looking at the team/ideas to bring the best out in them”

“Jamie very good at getting point across, putting situations in context of his career helped it resonate with me”

“…repeat feedback and critique provided objective suggestions that were not influenced by internal business decisions.”

Due to the nature of the role and the challenges of working in the construction environment, I have to deal with people with different skillsets and knowledge. When the programme was proposed to me, I immediately saw an opportunity to improve the way I react when under pressure, regardless of the situation I find myself in. The journey with JP gave me the tools to improve various elements of my behaviour in order to be more successful at work and in life!”

Helping people reach their full potential

The skill and experience of our staff is already of a high standard, but we’re immensely pleased with the results of the programme and committed to continuous development throughout our business. Jamie’s approach to mental and physical wellbeing is explained in more detail in his new book “Be A Champion” and its message and practical tools are ones we will be taking with us into the future.