Committing to our environmental goals with electric vehicles

Published: August 20, 2021

Promoting sustainable business is important to us at SouthernsBroadstock. As part of our ongoing commitment to this goal, we’ve invested in a new fleet of Tesla electric vehicles for our team. 

Finding environmentally-friendly transport alternatives has always been a priority for our company. Electric vehicles will allow us to further reduce our carbon emissions and contribute towards providing cleaner air for everyone. 

One of the main reasons Tesla vehicles were chosen was because of the breadth of their charging infrastructure. With so many charging points available, we can continue to deliver a service that reaches across the UK, as far south as St Ives to the highlands of Scotland. 

Each car in our fleet has been given our fresh SouthernsBroadstock branding. Their distinct look will make them easily recognisable on the roads and we hope to extend our use of electric vehicles to more areas of our business in future.