Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) are part of a governmental body specialising in the geological disposal of higher activity waste. When RWM went out to tender via CCS RM6119, Southernsbroadstock secured the bid for Lot 1 office furniture by offering exceptional value and a first-class service.

The Brief

Historically, RWM operated out of a dated building that contained many small cellular offices that were not conducive to collaborative working styles. RWM wanted to organise a move to a new building, where they could take staff on a journey to modernise their internal processes and culture. They wanted an end result where meetings could be more dynamic and where barriers were removed to facilitate better communication.

The Project

Southernsbroadstock worked closely with the client to create a bespoke plan over 2 floors that provided staff a choice of work settings, depending on the task they had to perform. This included quiet spaces for concentration and team areas to allow open collaboration. The creation of open meeting spaces also directly addressed their previous issue of meeting rooms always being booked or used ineffectively

The Result

The Management Team at RWM were delighted with the new space and all of the potential it will help to bring out in their organisation. They were very excited about welcoming staff back to a new environment that will encourage people to work differently, more efficiently, and in a way that will allow them to excel in their roles.

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