Building better communities with corporate social responsibility

Published: April 8, 2021

Corporate social responsibility is something we’re passionate about at Southernsbroadstock. As a company whose foundation is based on creating nurturing environments, we feel it is only right for this ethos to extend into our communities, where we can create a real and lasting benefit. When the people around us grow, so does our society, and this is why we have been supporting local charities with the aim to give back as much as possible. Sticking with our roots, the two organisations we have been working with are both Yorkshire-based initiatives that do outstanding work and we are extremely pleased to provide them with ongoing assistance.

Our work with Aspire

Based in Bramley, Aspire Community Benefits Society offers a supported living facility for adults with learning difficulties, providing them with the opportunity to live independent and enriching lives. Their services span across over 100 properties throughout Leeds, where they offer anywhere from 24-hour personal care to a few hours of visiting support per week. We ensure that these residences have everything they need for society members to feel comfortable by giving Aspire surplus furnishings and as many personnel hours as required. This frees up their budget for other essential services and also frees up their time by removing the labour of sourcing and pricing furnishings from other providers. We’ve been partnered with Aspire for over 6 years now and are proud to support their work of offering day services, activities and respite care for families in the area.

Our work with Action for Sport

More recently we have partnered with Action for Sport and are happy to announce we are now its main sponsor. Action for Sport is a registered charity that works to remove poverty as a barrier into sport, offering opportunities for children of all backgrounds to participate. The negative effects of poverty are far-reaching, especially at a young age, and can cause physical and mental health problems, as well as lead to bullying. This is what makes the work of Action for Sport so important. By encouraging all children into sport, the charity can boost their wellbeing and support their growth outside of the classroom, as well as foster their natural talent. They also strongly believe in sustainability and the environment with a donation programme that allows used sportswear and equipment to be donated and distributed to those who need them most. Action for Sport is located in Bingley but provides its services all across the UK for disadvantaged families.

Why CSR matters to us

These charities mirror two of the most important ways we can help our local community. Our work with Aspire reminds us that there is always scope for businesses to leverage their resources to do tremendous good in the world around them. And our work with Action for Sport reflects our desire to help talented new generations achieve their full potential, no matter their background. Corporate social responsibility is more than just providing money to causes – it’s about investing in the future of our communities and that’s why we will continue to give our chosen charities all the assistance they need in the years to come.