Better Together – Exploring Collaboration

Published: April 27, 2023

        Southernsbroadstock are delighted to be hosting an exciting webinar in partnership with Herman Miller. This event, ‘Better Together – Exploring Collaboration’, is taking place on 11th May at 11am, focusing on the importance of collaboration between companies and employees.

        Work is being increasingly more focused on collaboration; making it essential to continue exploring ways that employers can champion this in the workplace to allow employees to feel connected and part of a positive culture. The key is to create happier outcomes in all settings.

        Mark Catchlove will be delving deeper into collaborative working whilst also sharing key insight into Herman Miller’s extensive research. He will also cover a number of topics:

        – The Psychology of Collaboration
        – Team types and collaborative styles
        – Collaborative activities and how to support them
        – The characteristics of good collaborative settings

        Interested in joining the webinar? Please register your interest by filling in this form: