The results of our CCS Webinar are in…

Published: July 29, 2022

Our CCS Webinar was a huge success, with 55 people in attendance to learn about Neurodiverse working environments.

We held our inclusivity and neurodiversity webinar on the 28th June with the aim of highlighting how better design improves environments for everyone. We discussed how neurodiversity and inclusive design can bring a host of benefits to all, with colleagues feeling more valued and motivated. As hybrid working becomes the norm, we also covered how to incorporate flexible solutions into your organisations. Becoming educated about accessibility is increasingly important, especially as people transition back to the workplace, recreating and ensuring these comforts is essential.

Southernsbroadstock has undertaken extensive white paper research on inclusivity alongside our supply partners. As thought-leaders in the field, we’re helping to champion inclusive design in every sector. Everyone benefits from inclusive design; when needs are met and wellbeing is catered for, workplace satisfaction and productivity is enhanced.

Southernsbroadstock are at the forefront of accessibility and neurodiverse design. If you’re interested in learning more, make sure to look out for future webinars on our website.