Our first teambuilding Skydive

Published: July 19, 2021

The talented team at Southernsbroadstock is known for their inventive, ‘blue sky’ thinking. In this instance, it led to an unexpected team building exercise. Our sales and management staff recently took part in a tandem skydive, which was a first for our company but an idea we embraced wholeheartedly. The suggestion came following a casual office discussion with resident skydiving expert Kevin Ainley; seeing the opportunity, our team turned their words into action.

Experiences from our staff

For many of the team, this was a completely new experience but one they approached with enthusiasm. Here’s what they had to say:

“Loved it, the bravado was mixed with support amongst the team and couldn’t recommend the organisers and team delivering the day more.”

“Reminded us that it’s good to test yourself every now and again and certainly everyone was walking a few inches taller the following week.”

“Incredible experience and one I’m glad I’ve had.”

“A great opportunity to test yourself, experience something brand new and enjoy the company of work colleagues who were going through a similar set of emotions during the day.”

“An amazing day, lots of fun and definitely one ticked off my bucket list.”

“Some synergies with work – trust the process, trust your colleagues and no matter how terrifying the challenge it can be achieved whilst having some fun.”

Supporting creativity in our people

This experience has served to remind us just how resourceful, creative and proactive our staff are as a whole. We’ve received plenty of positive feedback from everyone who participated and hope to see more innovative suggestions for team building exercises in the future. Due to the pandemic, the opportunities for in-person socialisation have reduced significantly. For us, this highlights the importance of these exercises in forming connections throughout our team. Well done to everyone who took part and a big thank you to the organisers who made the whole event run smoothly.