Driving productivity in the workplace with flexible furniture

Published: July 12, 2019

The built environment is a major factor that affects productivity in the workplace. The Office for National Statistics has reported that the UK’s productivity is well behind those of our European neighbours. As Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) specialists we want to understand why and how using a flexible furniture design can help improve this.

In today’s modern world the only constant is change and workspaces are no different. Research conducted by the Extentia Group has identified productivity within the workplace can be limited or boosted by the environment employees are in. They found of the 60% of people who feel more productive don’t come to work early because they are put off by an unwelcoming working environment.

Business can overcome this by making small changes to their working environments. By designing flexible furniture solutions, you can cater to different users at different times. For example, quiet zones would allow employees dedicated spaces to work without distractions. Whereas creating collaborative zones can bring together a sense of community.

Furniture also plays a key role in wellbeing and productivity. Flexible and agile furniture can help offices accommodate changing needs as different configurations can be created to meet differing requirements as businesses and workforce evolve. Simply using acoustic screens or meeting pods can also create spaces that offer privacy yet can be used in a multitude of ways.

Desks and chairs should be comfortable and able to adjust to meet individual needs. Adding standing desks options at work improves posture, burns more calories than sitting down and can increase energy and has been linked to reduce tiredness and increase productivity.

At Southernsbroadstock we believe in designing spaces that transition from home to work and vice versa to suit people who are working when they’re not the most productive. This can be achieved by incorporating a soft seating area before going to sit at your desk, which have built-in charging points and screens.

The use of soft furnishings and colour can also add homely, comfortable touches to make an out of hours workplace feel less austere too…

We have also seen a shift with our clients to provide a kitchen or communal space with a home-from-home design which can add comfort to the bleak, eerie mornings. Using benches, and tables can be great to offer staff a place to sit quietly and grab a coffee or come around the table together to eat a meal to encourage interaction and promotes health and wellbeing.

Southernsbroadstock are leading experts in providing the right FF&E solutions within the built environment. We can transform your space into a productivity hub that will motivate and empower your employees. Take a look at some of our work or for more information or to visit one of our showrooms across the UK, please get in touch.