The aim was to provide an environment that would enable Tata Technologies to meet its business growth and sustainability ambitions. The brief was to realise a modern, clean and inspiring work environment that was light, bright and communicated Tata Technologies’ brand DNA.

The main aspiration was to create an environment that supported diverse ways of working, with every element of the interior encouraging creativity, innovation and pride in the brand with furniture being at the heart of this strategy.

The Approach.

Awarded due to our in-house design and manufacturing expertise and our ability to leverage existing relationships with an extensive supply chain, we were also able to control the delivery and installation through our own teams. This gave Tata Technologies the confidence that Southernsbroadstock could successfully provide end-to-end project management throughout the execution of the project.

The Solution.

The team engaged closely with the client and interior designer, Thuja Design, to define and develop the creation of a number of different work settings, aimed at breaking down hierarchical barriers, increasing footfall throughout the building and improving collaboration and communication. Key to the success of the project was the introduction of bespoke furniture pieces, specifically designed in response to the client’s brief and need to differentiate zones and workspaces. These fundamental pieces were flexible enough to embrace the latest technological enablers whilst seamlessly housing the mechanical and electrical requirements.

“We wanted a workplace that was an attractive, effective and inspiring environment that enabled collaboration and innovation, while fostering a sense of pride. Southernsbroadstock understood that from day one. They impressed with their knowledge, expertise and professionalism and it was a real pleasure working with them.”

Rob Robson
European Innovation & Development Centre Programme Director

The Result.

The end result offered employees the freedom to choose which setting would allow them to complete their day-to day tasks the most effectively. The choice of finishes and colour palette was informed by Tata Technologies’ brand identity and were carefully chosen to work cohesively with the building’s interior design scheme. The durability and suitability of each piece was also an important factor aiding the client in reaching its overall vision for the build and therefore a fundamental driver behind Southernsbroadstock’s recommended solution.

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