As a leading manufacturer and supplier of office and contract furniture across multiple sectors, we are committed to driving continuous improvement in relation to greater environmental responsibility, as well as recognising the importance of supporting our customers’ own commitments.

The Brief.

A recent project with Coventry University highlights the opportunities to extend the useful life of furniture assets whilst minimising waste and the release of embedded carbon.

Sustainable solutions.

Coventry University, Scarborough Campus, had previously purchased a large number of chairs and writing tablets. For several reasons, many of the tablets had not been used to their full potential and been placed into storage. We were challenged by the University to propose a solution that would find a new home for the products and avoid disposal into landfill.

Overcoming Challenges.

We have developed a range of furniture management services, including partnerships with a number of suppliers, to help minimise environmental impact including waste. On this occasion we worked with our trusted partner, Casala, who have an established buy back and repurposing scheme called ‘ReFurniture’. Casala are committed to taking back their own surplus or end of life furniture, as well as refurbishing products from other manufacturers.

Upcycling helps reduce the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing new items. It uses less energy, which means less greenhouse gas emissions.

The outcome.

By working with Casala, we were able to prevent landfill waste, whilst buying the product back, enabled Coventry University to redistribute their budget into another scheme. Following refurbishment, the tablets were reused through the ReFurniture programme, supported by a full product warranty as if purchased from new.

Applying the principles of the circular economy, the reuse of existing furniture assets offers significant benefits. It not only retains the value of virgin materials but also prevents waste and the release of the furniture’s embedded carbon. It reduces the amount of furniture ending up in landfill and ultimately, the size of the client’s overall carbon footprint. In recent years, sustainable solutions have become a priority focus for Southernsbroadstock and our customers, and we are delighted to be able to help contribute to their sustainability goals.

As well as our inhouse capabilities, we have a network of appointed partners to provide a nationwide resource to minimise transport emissions. As well as repurposing, repairing and renovating furniture, we also offer environmental recycling services supported by full reporting.

Circular Solutions:

  • Asset Audits
  • Design and Planning
  • Repairs & Renovation
  • Surplus & Redundant Assets


“When we were invited by Southernsbroadstock to consider solutions for Coventry University to prevent perfectly serviceable items from being wasted, we were delighted to propose the opportunity to use our ReFurniture programme.”

“We recognise Southernsbroadstock’s commitment to greater sustainability including its range of furniture lifecycle management services and we were delighted to be integrated as part of this offer.”

Andy Penfold – Casala