In recent years, particularly since the pandemic, there has been a shift in the priority for staff wellbeing. It is recognised that outdoor space can be inspiring, with benefits from fresh air, natural light, and a connection with the outside world. By introducing more than just seating, it is possible to create a relaxed atmosphere as well as a highly functional work environment.

The Brief.

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities identified the opportunity to utilise an existing, yet unused, outdoor roof terrace to offer an innovative work and social space whilst also maximising the premises’ potential.

Innovative spaces need to offer a variety of settings enabling individuals to choose the most appropriate
work setting for their needs which will ultimately increase staff morale and productivity.

Designing for collaborative working.

The existing area was uninspiring and previously unsuitable for use but with significant potential. With views of the cityscape, there was the opportunity to create a truly unique facility.

It was identified that, following a building survey, a weather protective coating would be required for the terrace floor surface. We also needed to work in conjunction with structural engineers to ensure the building could safely support the proposed design.

Workplace design is driven by an aspiration to develop an environment which reflects organisational culture and function. The ambition is to create a destination which will inspire creativity and collaboration whilst embracing diversity, inclusion, and wellness.

Overcoming Challenges.

By undertaking a thorough weight-loading survey, and engaging with the relevant stakeholders throughout the project, we were able to propose a solution that met all the requirements and within budget.

Our plan was carefully devised to accommodate the practical issues of an outdoor environment with UK weather conditions. The layout would create social and functional work settings within this unique space. As part of the process, we undertook a comprehensive product assessment to ensure suitability and compliance with relevant standards for exterior use.

The outcome.

The space created is dynamic and multifunctional. It opens the opportunity for outdoor meetings, particularly in the warmer months, which can be a real catalyst for improving staff collaboration, creativity, and productivity. Access to fresh air and natural light has the potential to inspire new ideas and improve wellbeing.

Highly durable, weatherproof furniture including tables and benches, and outdoor meeting pods from our partners at the ‘Meeting Pod Company’ were a perfect match for the Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities’ requirements.

The meeting pod has integrated solar panels, allowing staff to use USBs and other charging ports – supporting the Department’s sustainability commitments.

This project highlights our integrated and holistic approach to workplace planning, design, and implementation. Our inhouse multi-disciplined team includes industry experts to provide recommendations based on each unique requirement. As well as manufacturing expertise, we have established partnerships, together with a comprehensive and extensive supply chain, to enable us to recommend solutions based each project’s brief, specification, and budget.

Our innovative creative team had a prominent role throughout the project, bringing the client’s vision to life through comprehensive design consultation.


“We had the wonderful opportunity to partner with Southernsbroadstock on the installation of the new i9 building. Together we’ve created an outdoor space, perfect for the usage and benefit of the DFLU staff.

Their new Pods are made from recycled weatherproof material, manufactured in the UK and include recycled plastic bottle tops as part of its construction. The four- person pod allows collaborative and private opportunities as a social or focused workspace.

We look forward to partnering with Southernsbroadstock on future projects.”

Adam Cooke – The Meeting Pod Company